Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Early Access) — Patch №3

Вышел третий патч для Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Early Access) v3.0.15.252


ВНИМАНИЕ: c новым патчем не будут работать прошлые сохранения игры! Вам придётся начинать игру заново!

Сам патч весит почти 1200 mb и содержит обширный список изменений. Он автоматический загрузится в сервисе Steam, GOGalaxy.


Список изменений (краткий):

Полностью переделана система статистики

— Улучшено обратная связь игроков при переключении на неактивных персонажей во время боя

— Улучшен пользовательский интерфейс

— Улучшенная система визуализации хода в бою

— Улучшенный и переработанный нижний бар интерфейса.

— Добавлена возможность переключения между Hotbars (до пяти шт.)

— Переключение чата теперь на нижней панели

— Улучшено освещение и визуальные эффекты в пещере Blood Rose

— Улучшена визуализация перемещения в предварительном просмотре

— Обновлена анимация нескольких персонажей

— Больше правки в балансе, скилах и талантах


Список изменений (полный):

— Improved player feedback when switching to inactive characters during combat
— Improved player feedback it’s not possible to perform certain actions
— Improved UI sound events
— Physical armor and Magic armor now have hit effects
— Improved path visualizations in combat
— Improved clickable area of listed savegames
— Improved and redesigned the bottom bar interface.
— Added option to switch between hotbars (up to five)
— Chat toggle is now on the bottom bar
— Improved lighting and visuals in Blood Rose cave
— Improved visualisation of move preview
— Improved following behavior when leader of party is in combat
— Improved targeting preview when casting teleport skills (out of sight is now properly greyed out)
— Tweaked and added several effects
— Updated several animations that were not finished yet


— Added new tornado effect and fixed tornado atmosphere settings
— Added preview for attacks with multiple projectiles
— Added blinking and progress bar in windows (when game is minimized)
— Players are now directly assigned a free slot in the arena lobby upon joining
— Teams are automatically assigned for AI’s in the arena lobby
— Added combat log entries for source vampirism
— Added more logging stats for balancing reasons
— Ifan’s recruitment dialog now recognizes and allows Drudanae


Изменение основных атрибутов:
— Strength now provides 5% damage bonus and 2% Physical Armour bonus per point
— Finesse now provides 5% damage bonus and 1% Dodging per point
— Intelligence now provides 5% damage bonus and 2% Magic Armour bonus per point
— Characters now have a base amount of vitality that grows with levels
— Constitution now provides 7% vitality bonus
— Characters now start with 3 Memory Slots and receive 1 free Memory Slot every 2 levels
— Memory attribute now provides 1 Memory Slot per point
— Wits now provides 1% Critical Chance and 1 Initiative per point
— Vitality, armour and damage numbers start from lower values, but grow faster each level


Изменены боевые способности:
— Combat abilities now give larger bonuses per point and are capped at 10 points.
— Previous Defence abilities were removed.
— New Defence ability: Pain Reflection. Allows you to reflect 10% of incoming damage back onto attackers per point
— Leadership is now a combat ability in Defence category. Allies in 5m range receive 5% Dodging and 5% All Res per point


Изменены таланты:
— Re-enabled Elemental Affinity talent (Reduces AP cost of skills when standing in surface of corresponding element. Does not apply to skills with AP cost smaller or equal to 1)
— Added new memory talent: Mnemonic. (adds 3 Memory)
— Changed human talent to give bartering instead of leadership


Изменено оружие:
— Earth wands were replaced with Poison wands that receive bonus damage from Geomancer ability.
— Buffed armor on shields
— Gave shields a free skill that recovers their armor
— Gave two-handed melee weapons a free skill that unlocks a heavy attack that costs 3AP
— Receive a free skill when dual-wielding melee weapons, which unlocks a heavy attack that costs 3AP
— Free skill for fighting with single melee weapon and empty offhand: 1AP attack that Knocks Down
— Attacking with single-handed weapon now costs 2AP (with or without shield)
— When dual-wielding, damage of the offhand weapon is halved.
— Added free movement if you move less than one meter before attacking
— Weapon attacks receive swoosh effects depending on main combat ability
— Inquisitor preset now wields a staff and starts with melee skills. (N.B. using Crippling Blow while wielding a staff will use the base elemental damage of the staff and receive bonus from INT since staff is and INT weapon).
— Witch and Wizard start with wands
— Replaced Sawtooth Knife with Vault in the list of starting Scoundrel skills to increase early game mobility.
— Ranger now has Haste instead of Piercing Shot as starting skill


— Increased difficulty for fights level 4 and above. Humanoid enemies now have new skills and engage in combat more aggressively
— Fixed several issues with AI of ranged enemies
— Targeted source skills can never miss (e.g. Mortal Blow)
— Enemy Rage now lasts two turns
— Griff now sells weapons
— Petrified characters are now immune to Burning
— Reduced AP penalty from Slow
— You no longer lose invisibility due to blessed smoke
— Rogues should now be able to pickpocket in arena
— Increased levels NPCs that help you in the last fight
— Cursed oil now has a chance of setting Necrofire instead of Burning
— Crocodiles now have magic armor and a stronger bite
— Buffed Radeka the blood witch and her minions
— Increased damage from Viscous Voidling death explosions
— Buffed purged dragon stats and gave him Hail Attack
— Tweaked loot drops so that you cannot get two weapons or shields from the same source
— Manually placed several weapons throughout the start of Fort Joy
— Burning and Regenerate statuses now replace each other
— Petrified status now gives immunity to Necrofire and holy fire
— Improved closest possible position when using Multistrike skills
— Hail strike skillbook now can be found from level one and healing ritual from level 4
— You can now knockdown turtles
— Improved enemy NPC treasure table drop chance from 1 in 5 to 1 in 3
— Haste now costs 0 AP and removes slowed and crippled status
— Clear-minded provides more Wits (gives Critical chance and Initiative)
— Fixed items being in stuck state when frozen or petrified
— Fixed «Walk it off» talent
— Assigned colors to unique weapons and NPC weapons
— Fixed incorrect pricing for certain weapons
— Blinding radiance does not affects neutral NPC’s anymore
— Characters with zombie talent do not get damaged anymore when using a bed
— Ending combat now correctly heals NPC’s with Decaying Touch status
— Fixed being allowed to learn skills from a skillbook when skill is already known from wearing an item
— Fixed enemy NPC’s from regaining AP incorrectly after setting a status on them
— Hasted and slowed now also modify starting AP, so you will start combat with one more AP if you are hasted
— Set correct loot for barrels
— Enemy immunity skills should now make them immune to both damage and statuses


Исправленные ошибки:
— Fixed several crashes
— Fixed hiding helmet causing bald characters
— Fixed charm skill fumbling too much
— Fixed client player being stuck in options menu when server reloads
— Fixed client player(s) issues if host loads single player savegame
— Fixed not being able to select eighth profile
— Fixed «Your Turn» staying on screen after combat
— Fixed NPC alignment issues
— Fixed controls settings being applied to different profiles on the same machine
— Fixed arena npc’s having low stats after first starting a campaign in explorer mode
— Fixed being able to talk to characters behind closed doors
— Fixed being able to learn skills by getting 1 point in them from items. You now need at least one base point of a skill school to be able to learn spells
— Fixed corpse explosion on using source vampirism
— Fixed armor values displayed incorrectly after loading in combat
— Fixed surface tooltips for certain surface combinations
— Fixed momentarily seeing an empty level when accepting invitation from arena lobby
— Fixed characters receiving fire damage after blessing a fire surface
— Fixed invisible rogues being followed by the camera, indicating their position
— Fixed being able to target enemies in sneaking (arena)
— Fixed overlapping tooltips (range indication and surface information)
— Fixed incorrect message when savethrowing out of a status
— Fixed issue with base vitality being calculated incorrectly on enemies
— Fixed Map not updating upon selection of a lobby in the lobby browser
— Fixed not getting error message when not connected to Community/Platform server
— Fixed spamming immune text when forcing application of a status
— Fixed Surrender button being available in campaign mode / not being available in arena mode in certain cases
— Fixed crash when putting something inside the Unusually Large Orange
— Fixed crash related to creation of surfaces
— Fixed issue being unable to unlearn skill from memorized skills
— Fixed HP amounts for items with very low HP
— Fixed Funny Meat not dropping
— Fixed physics for orange container
— Fixed Staff of Magus being present in skill list when selecting inquisitor class
— Fixed skills getting added to the skillbar twice
— Fixed infinite combat loop when several combats are joined together
— Fixed getting stuck when picking up an item while sneaking
— Fixed issue with guard button being enabled correctly
— Fixed «can’t reach» issue when trying to talk to someone that is not visually blocked
— Fixed being able to start the game without selecting any skills
— Fixed crash related to dashing through a campfire
— Fixed characters not being able to perform attack of opportunity during first turn of combat
— Fixed Multistrike skills landing on characters outside of weapon range
— Fixed setting warm on items when dousing them to avoid spamming of statuses
— Fixed Human female portrait alignment going wrong sometimes
— Fixed Attack of Opportunity triggering on multistrike and rush skills
— Fixed Players being able to start an arena match when host is spectator
— Fixed crash when client leaves arena lobby while game is starting
— Fixed starting dialog for illusion dungeon statue
— Fixed Accuracy boost from gear not being applied correctly
— Fixed vitality tooltip when your CON is below 10
— Fixed Battering ram skillbook being unsellable
— Fixed being able to target self with Source Vampirism
— Fixed Attack of Opportunity not triggering for NPC’s that are running away from characters
— Fixed tooltips for skills that restore hp and armor (they now take into account bonuses from abilities)
— Fixed inconsistent tooltip size formatting
— Stop party from doing formation when sneaking or going invisible
— Fixed issue that having more than one party member could cause getting double or triple XP reward for party
— Fixed black or grey loading screen when switching party member right before loading a savegame
— Fixed duplicate recipes in crafting interface
— Fixed «can’t see» message when targeting yourself
— Fixed pickpocketed items going missing sometimes
— Fixed being able to wear a bucket on your head for all races
— Fixed Exter’s dialog after Gareth dies to Magisters
— Fixed blocked dialog after winning arena under Fort Joy but dying right after