Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Early Access) — Patch №2

Вышел второй патч для Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Early Access) v3.0.5.530


ВНИМАНИЕ: c новым патчем не будут работать прошлые сохранения игры! Вам придётся начинать игру заново!

Сам патч весит почти 800 mb и содержит обширный список изменений


Список изменений (краткий):

— Правки в балансе

— Правки в игровой механике

— Обновлённые текстуры брони

— Улучшили анимацию игровых рас и некоторых монстров

— Обновили эффекты навыков

— Обновили звук в игровом меню и интерфейсе

— Исправили некоторый вылеты и баги

— Правки в игровом движке


Список изменений (полный):


— Repair hammer and identifying glasses are now consumed when used.
— Made switching to inactive characters in combat possible (not for combat action but for inspecting/inventory/…).
— AI can now find cover if it finds itself teleported to a place where it can’t escape
— Fixed wizard AI scripts where they would run towards the enemy but not attack.
— «Stolen» item tag gets removed when you put in the ‘Your offer’ tab while trading.
— «Stolen» item tag gets removed when their original owner dies.
— Tutorial tweaks.
— No longer showing invisible enemies when player clicks on their icon with a character-backstabber.
— Tactical Retreat no longer allows jumping outside the skill range.
— Party members are now blue, default circles for Arena, turn/status console use relationship based colors.
— When you have the Zombie talent, necromancer lifesteal no longer damages you.
— Added special warning when your movement speed is 0 from a status.
— Character will no longer start dialog unless close enough.
— Weapon-based skills now use elemental bonuses on the weapon.
— Hail Strike now creates 3 projectiles (down from 4), costs 2 AP (up from 1AP).
— Rage now lasts 1 turn (down from 2), reduces resistances by -100% (down from -25%).
— Levitate is now a Stealth skill (doesn’t break sneaking or invisibility).
— Shields now provide Magic Armour in addition to Physical Armour.
— Statuses Bless and Curse no longer bless\curse surfaces that the affected character walks into. (Skills Bless and Curse will still affect surface once.)
— Wet, Chilled and Frozen now remove Holy Fire.
— Fixed irst Aid not healing character when it removes negative status.
— Decreased damage of Crippling Blow.
— Decaying Touch damage slightly buffed.
— New item combinations for empty flasks and mushrooms
— Assigned new 3D objects and icons to potions.
— Added a lot of new item names to item generation.
— Fixed flags and properties of a lot of roots (e.g. you can now interact with desks and books).
— Made some roots stackable.
— Updated/fixed descriptions for some roots.
— Created some new descriptions for roots.
— Removed abundance of items in an area (e.g. axes or hammers all over the place in one small area, etc).
— Removed some placed armour pieces because they didn’t belong there.
— Reassigned treasure tables on items and characters.
— Reassigned levels on corpses, items and characters.
— Placed items now have a unique name and description.
— Created unique knife for Griff.
— Fixed value of valuable items (e.g. pearls).
— Increased level of Ancient Sword because by the time you reach it, you are not level 3 anymore.
— Treasure table updates:
— more containers now use the same distribution (refer to GenericContainer) which makes balancing easier;
— generic container was dropping junk too often;
— generic container was not dropping enough gold;
— fixed: generic enemy was not dropping armor;
— junk will be dropping a BIT more gold ;
— junk was referring to the TOOL category twice;
— stacks and sacks should not always contain something;
— redistributed RewardTiny table;
— junk should drop less cloth armor;
— FTJ specific reward could select gold twice.


Удобство использования:

— Added lifetime and damage to Surface tooltips.
— Fixed toggling contextmenu in the world.
— Various climbing  and teleporting fixes.
— Disabled tooltips when dragging character in character creation.
— Combat messages will no longer show on the screen of far away characters (also in multiplayer)
— Allow people to reconnect to a lobby.
— Now no longer hiding lobbies that are in progress.
— Prevent tutorial boxes on endturn of enemies.
— Arena mode: added tooltips to skills in Hero Select screen
— Difficulty bonuses are now described in tooltips.
— Added dynamically animated paintings to the main menu.
— The application’s icon will now blink and show progress bar in the Windows taskbar.
— Added party tab to local chat.
— Made chat messages persistent between different UIs.
— Chat improvements in serverlist panel.
— Added Surface sound events.
— Fixed paperdoll frame to fit Female Lizards.
— Game camera now keeps Items in dialog/combat into account.
— Active characters in combat have a different combat icon in player portraits now.
— Show connectivity window in Arena Lobby UI on small diamond click.
— When in combat and the active entity is unassigned, hide the turn notice.
— Improved lighting on paperdoll.
— Reskin and implementation of the new skill selection in character creation.



— Updated textures on chainmail armour (all races).
— Updated textures on leather armour (dwarves and humans).
— Updated textures on plate armour (elves).
— Replaced Braccus statue.
— Added building signs.
— Menuscreen improvements.



— Dwarves have improved talk animations.
— Lizards, dwarves and elves have improved sit and lying animations.
— Lizards, humans and elves have improved skill animations.
— Various monsters received an additional polish pass on their animations.



— Grenade effects received a visual upgrade.
— Player skill effects received various improvements.



— Sounds for main menu screen.
— Sounds for UIs.


Исправленные ошибки:

— Fixed multiplayer character creation exploit making it possible to start with higher stats.
— Character creation now resets class skills when resetting ability points.
— Fixed permanent potions getting reapplied on reload.
— Fixed damage from Decaying Touch being applied twice.
— Fixed Dodging not receiving bonuses from armor.
— Fixed UI showing wrong range for arrow based weapons.
— Fix for invalid «Target is out of sight» notification when targeting big characters.
— Fix for valid characters not highlighting for some skills.
— Fixed character playing fast animations after using the skill Battering Ram.
— Fixed Rush skills finishing their rotation before executing the action.
— When another player’s inventory is locked, you can no longer take items from them by swapping.
— Fixed map markers sometimes disappearing when playing a 4 player multiplayer game.
— Fixed item actions through context menu sometimes not working.
— Fixed stuck turn order and combat animation after fleeing.
— Fixed Take All shortcut (space).
— Fixed bottombar activating skills while typing numbers in chat.
— Fixed clicking through the bottombar.
— Fixed Voidwoken turtle overlays not showing from certain angles.
— Fixed issue with visuals resetting when going back from third step to second step in character creation.
— Fixed destroyed objects getting targeted in cone skills.
— Fixed not returning to lobby after Arena match.
— Fixed showing cooldown warning twice.
— Fixed issues with electrified cursed surfaces.
— Fixed uniques having a chance of dropping more than once.
— Fixed issues with source skills from equipped items.
— Fixed missing textkeys on player attack animations.
— Fixed looping Rhalic dialog.
— Fixed paperdoll skewed camera (causing broken shadows).
— Fixed paperdoll not resizing when resizing the window.
— Fixed turn notification animation playing between characters.
— Fix for corpses becoming unlootable when switching characters.
— Fix for items ticking in realtime in arena.

— Fixed a crash that could happen when requesting a character icon in a dialog.
— Fix crash when the status Fear was set on an item.
— Fixed a crash that happened when changing certain graphical settings while the paperdoll was showing (e.g. toggle between shadow rendering).
— Fixed crash for items in source surfaces.



— Fixed rotation scale check in transforming objects.
— Fixed character rotation speed not resetting correctly in character creation.
— Split up sight and shroud PP shader to fix rendering order with outlines.
— Improved Outline rendering:
— Don’t use depth testing: fixes the outline being split into a lot of small pieces when behind foliage + allows to see occluded jects better.
— Added fill color to occluded parts of outline objects.
— Animation editor can now select sound resource for sound textkey.
— Added fading overlay to FxOverlayMaterial.
— Added overlay priority support.
— Made effects fade when they are attached to a fading object.
— Increased colour list capacity from 7 to 127.
— Fixed AI Bound code issues.
— Fixed exporting lightprobe into level or importing lightprobe from level template.
— Datahash fix for savegames.